Three in One Day

Remember the story of the tailor who made himself a belt saying “Nine in One Blow” just because he swatted nine flies?

Well – the other day I thought of him/the story as I inserted my third inset in five minutes.

I do smile when I think about my first year, few months of inserting the insets.

Now – not a big deal,  usually. Back at the beginning? I was petrified!

First one popped in and I knew it was an owie – a real owie, owie.

So I took it out. Slapped on a band aid. Popped in another one.

Oh good – no owies – Wrong! As I walked to the kitchen it hurt, hurt, hurt.

Just touching it hurt.

So I took it out. And the hole proceeded to bleed and bleed and bleed.

The third one was “the” charm

I still have a really ugly bruise from the first one.

And – this blogging thing has taken me places I never thought I’d go.

So here’s a photo of two band aids and an inset.

2014-07-04 019 (800x600) (640x480) (300x225)

And finally… I love reading everyone’s posts, seeing lots of the photos from FFL. It all looked like wonderful fun with wonderful friends. I love knowing all of you. I hate that we had to meet. But, aren’t we lucky?


An Alexander Week

alexanderHe could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. He went to sleep with gum in his mouth and woke up with gum in his hair. When he got out of bed, he tripped over his skateboard and by mistake dropped his sweater in the sink while the water was running. He could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Nothing at all was right. Everything went wrong, right down to lima beans for supper and kissing on TV.

I didn’t eat lima beans…

My week started out badly and went rapidly down hill. Waking up at a 200 on Monday is really not a great way to start. And it got worse. I changed insets. I changed insulin. By Wednesday, life started to look a little better and by Thursday, I felt like I had my brain back. (Which isn’t saying a whole lot but, I’ll take what I can get.)

The inset would work – 96 at lunch, and then it wouldn’t – back up to 200+.

The insulin was obviously working some of the time.

I finally decided that my left leg probably is done for, for awhile, as a location for the insets.

Meanwhile, another medical issue came up and my spirits went down.

Following a bone density test, I’ve now been diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

Life goes on.

We had to buy more orange juice

I used to drink orange juice like other people drink coffee.

Many (many) years ago, I would get up in the morning, grab the frozen concentrate juice from the freezer, add the 3 cans of water, and mix it up in the blender for my morning wake up. It was all frothy and cold and yummy.

Then I learned to like coffee…

Orange juice became my afternoon treat, summer – winter, whenever. I’d even succumbed to buying it in the cartons but I’d always give it a good shake (hoping the top was closed tightly) so I’d still get some of the frothy. You only need to have a loose cap once – to learn to check it carefully for the rest of your life. Orange juice in your hair and on the kitchen floor is a sticky experience.

Then I was dx’d with Type 1 Lada…

T50_OJNoPulp_59The Tropicana 50% juice is pretty good, when I can find it. (Living in the boonies means small grocery stores with limited products.)
(Photo from: And at 13 carbs for 8 ozs., it’s a pretty good deal!

But it doesn’t froth…

I’m getting to the point of this post, really!

Last week, I had 3 straight nights of low BGs. Pretty low for me. (30’s, 40’s…) Dexcom woke me the first night (and the 2nd and 3rd). I looked at it and said, “Nah, can’t be right.” Sat up, turned on the light. Tested. Then said, “Oh…” Started to stand up and realized I couldn’t – at least not very steadily. So, he who sleeps next to me (and was wide awake now) went to the kitchen and poured a big glass of orange juice. It wasn’t frothy. Waited a bit, tested again, drank a box of grape Juicy Juice. Waited again, and drank another box of grape juice. All the while saying to myself the mantra I’ve learned from years of reading the d-blogs.

Don’t over treat!!!

I didn’t. Yup, three juices did not result in a gargantuan high. Very strange…

And the same thing happened the next two nights.

The only “excuse” I’ve come up with is – I had my pump inset in a brand new spot. Like – a never been touched by an inset spot. Over on my stomach side… AKA – love handle.

Switched it on day three and no more night lows. Hmmm…

So – Orange Juice (the real stuff, not the 50% stuff) went on the grocery list so it can sit in the fridge waiting for me. I’m happy to wait.



What a rotten night!

From last week, but not posted until today, because I’m still somewhat hesitant of putting my stupidity out on the WWW…

20 hours of “How could I be so stupid?”

As I finally figured out this morning that it was a bad – crunched – bent cannula that had been causing my high, high, this sucks blood sugars since about 2 pm yesterday, it came to me that having diabetes is like having a baby. Sometimes you try everything in your brain to make your baby comfortable and after all that rocking, singing, feeding, changing, burping, etc… it turns out to be something simple that is causing all the crying.

Just before lunch on Wednesday, at the office, I snagged my inset (on my leg) (yes, I was in the bathroom...) on my pants (actually, it was the Dexcom in my pocket that caught it…) and – it fell out. No big deal, I had a spare ready (unlike the last time). (See, I do learn from my mistakes.) Inserted the inset, bolused for lunch and continued working through the afternoon. Dexcom buzzed and since I’ve been spiking some days, I didn’t worry about it. At 3:30, the meter said 303. Not good. I did a correction, closed the office at 4, and came home. By 5 it was even higher. I even tested for ketones – they were there, but not bad. I had the new inset so decided to open a new vial of insulin and just do a reservoir change.

Morning – well, before morning… Dexcom woke me at 5 to tell me I was over 300.

And here’s where I got stupid (or tired, or high, or fed up).
I did a correction. I drank water. I waited.
No change…
So I decided to use one of my Novolog pens and see if that would help. Being cautious (and tired, high) I just did 2 units.
And went back to bed.
Woke up around 7:00, laid in the bed thinking. Tested, no real change and wondered if I’d used Novolog or not.

I didn’t – it was Levemir. So that didn’t help…

Took off the inset below.
I know, it’s a fuzzy photo – so was I when I took it.


Over corrected, because the Ping thinks I’ve had gobs of insulin. I must have been getting some, but certainly not much. I called the office and said I was sick. That’s a first.

And by noon, all was good. But I still felt like a blob of nothing.

As I sat here this morning feeling sorry for myself, I did, as I almost always do, think of the children who deal with this, think of the DOC people who grew up with this.

I know stuff happens. I know we all have bad days/nights. I know I can’t be perfect. I know I’m lucky to have the DOC available.

And yeah, I also know that the inset is probably the first thing I should have ripped out. Oh well…

Going Up?

The new Dexcom began its working life on Sunday morning.

Charged – ready to go. Did the two hour wait thing. Put in the two BGs. And you will never, ever guess what it did next.

It initialized! Jeez, just like the other one. Maybe I have an aura? Maybe my personality is just overwhelming? Maybe I’m charged?

Good grief.

Since then, it’s been fine (cross my fingers and no, I certainly don’t hope to die :().


We ate late last night. I knew it was going to creep up to the alarm limit. And I know that it will go back down but, it will wake us up (to be honest, I sleep right through it most of the time, it’s my poor husband who is often “sleepless in New Hampshire”). So —-

I shut off the high alarm when I went to bed.

Guess what? At some point during the night, the Ping inset fell out of my leg. (It was pretty mashed so it didn’t actually fall out – looked like I scrunched it.)

When I got up, there was the tubing – all 43 inches of it – with the inset just hanging around. I cursed. Then I put in a new inset – before coffee!

Tested at 200+ and stayed high most of the day.

I have learned that I really need that 3-5am basal.

I have reset the high alarm on the Dexcom…

PS – I am totally and really enjoying all the FFL (Friends for Life) posts, photos, love and laughter. One made me cry – Meri’s at Our Diabetic Life.

It fell out!

New site yesterday, another leg one. I’m (was) really enjoying how well they seem to work for me.

Until today.

Woke up somewhat high. Stayed somewhat high all morning. Had a ginormous carb lunch (that was ordered earlier in the day so, couldn’t change it – and only had half of it) but bolused appropriately, with correction included. Drank water…

Somewhat high went to OMG, really?

Thought about changing the site. But… I don’t keep supplies at work (I will now). Work is five minutes from the house so it’s usually not a big deal to go home. But… there had been an accident on the one road that I can take. So I stayed at work. (Turns out the road was closed for several hours around lunchtime.)

When I got home, I changed clothes and found the inset hanging by a thread with some dried blood at the site.

I of course had no clue since I stupidly never looked at it all day long. Well, I had looked at it (drinking water…, ahem…) but just not closely.

So, remember that bag that I have and didn’t bring with me two weeks ago? I’ve learned lesson #2 and will now keep a stash of supplies at the office.

I had my doubts about this inset yesterday after I inserted it. I should have listened to myself and changed it then.

Maybe that’s lesson #3? I’ve read enough here in the DOC to know that we DO have great instincts when it comes to our bodies and diabetes.

Oh – now – one hour later, 158 with an angled down arrow.

*WP spell checker doesn’t like “bolused,” but it’s okay with “ginormous”…


A “duh…” moment

Should have changed the inset this morning, but didn’t. I used to be religious about that. Every third morning, I changed it, for over two years. Recently, I’ve been hanging onto it for a few more hours or even (gasp!) an extra day.

The issue this week was that having changed it one morning, it promptly fell out that evening as I was changing for bed. Well, that’s annoying. So I popped in a new inset and didn’t change the reservoir or tubing. (I have to be honest here. “Popping in a new inset” was not something I’d ever thought I’d be able to say. The first month of changing pump insets was always a challenge, always a step by step procedure. Now, I can do this.)

Anyway – did the whole change routine a few minutes ago. M is at the polls so I’m home alone. (Yippee! We live in NH and the political phone calls will stop for now!!)

The tubing would NOT unscrew from the reservoir and I stupidly… sort of, got a little worried. What am I going to do? How am I going to get the cap off? I tried hot water – didn’t work. I tried brute strength (I don’t have much of that) – didn’t work. I considered calling Animas, thank God I didn’t. I can see it now – Top 10 list of dumb pump questions. Finally, my brain went into gear and… (I know, you already thought of this but I didn’t), cut the damn tubing so the cap was now available.

So – try not to think poorly of me. I’m not usually quite this dimwitted. Really…