My Smart Endo

Last week’s endo appointment was quite nice. I’m beginning to feel like she’s a friend, you know the kind – the one that stands in the yard chatting with you and you just know they’re listening, really listening to you.

The facts – A1c was .3 up and I’m good with that, and so is she. All my labs show that I’m normal and she just kept smiling. Expressed awe at cholesterol numbers and was happy to see that thyroid and other tests all check out ok.

My issue was my bouncy numbers. I spike high after breakfast (8-10 carbs, normally) and don’t really come back down (all the way) before lunch. Then I spike high after lunch but by 4 to 5 o’clock, Dexcom is screaming at me because I’m low.

So we both stared at my Diasend printout of my Ping pump’s bgs/doses/carbs. (Oh – she threw out all my numbers from 10 days in California!) And she’s circling numbers and pointing out trends (which of course I’m blind to) and then says, let’s try this. So – we changed my IC ratio for breakfast and lunch – upped the carb ratio by one – which is actually downed the carbs by one???. And added/upped my basal rate for the afternoons by .5. And lowered the ISF for lunch and the afternoon.

It’s working, so far. Well, until this morning when I had a very small portion of bread pudding at work. That small bit turned out to be more than 30 carbs… I guessed… I was wrong… It tasted great!

This afternoon after a call from my husband, I announced to another staff member that I have a wonderful husband. She asked if we were going out to dinner. And I said, “Nope, he just called to say he’d stop at the drug store and pick up my insulin for me!”

I also work with wonderful people. As we were closing up the office, Dexcom beeped to say I was low. I tested. I was a little under 80 and decided to drink a juice box before I drove home. Two friends/co-workers sat there with me while I slurped my grape juice and waited until I tested ok to drive.

2013-04-19 001And finally – lunch with Shannon after my endo appointment. We chatted our way through a yummy lunch and barely talked about diabetes (her son has Type 1). Now that the snow has stopped (we hope…), we plan to get together again during the summer. Anyone up in this area is always invited to join us!


I knew I was going to go low…

397099_446173115441869_1988477458_nCreated by Phoebe Garrett and Meredith M. for Type 1 Diabetes Memes.

I knew it was going to happen. We had spaghetti for dinner along with some bread and a salad. I’m tired of measuring out my measly pasta serving so I doubled it – but – I did bolus for it (damn, I hardly ever bolus that much for any meal). Halfway through dinner, I started feeling not so great. Nothing specific, just didn’t feel good. And I didn’t want to eat any more. I should have cut down my basal but I didn’t think of that until this morning…

In any case, at 12:30am, Dexcom screeched and I tested. It wasn’t awful, a 60 something, so I drank the juice (which was on my nightstand), and tried to go back to sleep. Dexcom beeped some more and I kept pushing the button to shut it up. At 1am, I got up, tested again and was still 60 something. So now I’m up and I don’t want juice. So, I ate chocolate covered peanuts (I know – not a good choice). (They’re very, very tasty chocolate covered peanuts…???) Husband was sleeping peacefully and I probably should have alerted him, but I didn’t…

Did the Facebook thing, looked at Twitter, checked blogs but you know, there aren’t many of us posting blogs at 1am… When I attempted to retest, I couldn’t find my handy, dandy lancet. Searched the kitchen, the bathroom, checked the floor near the bed and finally found it in the bed.

It took awhile. I knew not to eat everything in the kitchen. I knew to keep testing. Once the number started its upward trend, I went back to bed.

And yes, I know I should have just snarfed down another juice box.

And yes, next time I’ll put a temporary stop on my basal.

But – the chocolate covered peanuts were yummy.

Woke up at 167. Not great, but not bad…

How’d I Do That?

How’d I do that? I don’t think I’ve ever been that low. Dexcom beeped at me and I was sure it was wrong so I ignored it for a few minutes. It’s on day 11 so I thought it was just fooling me. But, I did get up and test – thank God – and was somewhat surprised. Dexcom said 63.  At which point I then began to feel the low. How are you supposed to pour juice when your hands are shaking like mad? I was determined to get the picture but – had to wait or it would be a totally out of focus shot.

Husband gets credit. He was on his way out to go shuffle vehicles around (yes, the construction goes on, and on, and on) but quickly asked if I wanted him to stay with me. I said, “Nah, I can do this.” (If you haven’t yet, go click on You Can Do This over there on the right…)

And I’m stupid, or maybe stubborn. I didn’t want the apple juice in the kiddie box, but we had some cran-grape juice hanging out in the fridge, in a great big bottle, with a difficult (at the time) to open top. But it is the “light” version and just 10 carbs for 8 ounces.

Confession – I don’t have any glucose tabs. I’ve never eaten a glucose tab. I did have some (bought them when I became a Ping pumper) but threw them out when I hadn’t opened them and the expiration date was wayyyy past. Guess I’ll buy some more.

And so, I didn’t stop at the juice. I was going to but, when I opened the fridge I spotted the can of chocolate covered peanuts. So I ate some of those, too. It’s an hour and a half later and Dexcom says I’m 163 now. Well, guess I fixed that low, huh?!

Final thought – I don’t know that I could do this without the DOC. Seems like anything and everything that’s happened to me, has already been written about on a d-blog. You don’t get the same kind of helpful info from a doctor/endo. They don’t have the time and most of them don’t have diabetes. So thanks, friends!

The husband with credit? Well, he doesn’t normally read d-blogs but he does read the ones I send to him. And I’ve sent him many that have posted about lows and what happens. (He wasn’t at all surprised to return to the kitchen and find the opened juice along with the peanut can.) He’s practiced loading up a glucagon shot (it was expired). He went to all my pump training appointments with me. He’s brought the meter to me at work when I forgot it (hasn’t happened often). He’s woken me up at night when I’ve slept through the alarming of the Dexcom. He’s a great husband, and I’m fortunate.

And finally… I really, really love comments. And – tomorrow I turn 62. OMG, really? Yup. (Hint, hint!)