Blood in the morning…

Up early this morning for a 7am appointment for the lab. I truly, really, honestly despise doing fasting lab work. I don’t mind the arm stick. I don’t mind watching my blood rush into the tube(s).

But the fasting – is a pain – as I truly, honestly need coffee in the morning.

I’m a morning person – up at the crack of dawn. I don’t use an alarm clock! I’m just up, awake and ready to get started on my day – after my coffee.

Last night Dexcom did it’s beep, beep you’re low thing. I refused to mess up the fasting thing. I stupidly (yup, me) didn’t test (the meter was right there on the nightstand). What’d I do? I suspended the pump at 3am.

Woke up at 5 (see, I told you… although that’s a little early even for me…), Dexcom said 50 something. Tested and meter said 120. (I know, I know. I should have tested at 3am.) Ok, not so bad, unsuspended, but within an hour was at 200+. Guess that 3-5am basal insulin was important…

I was at the lab at 7am. Did the blood – even got to do a pee test, too. (Whoopee, right!?)

Got home and now am enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee.

With the A1c done – had a lovely, carby breakfast!

I don’t work on Fridays. The construction people are here, hammering/drilling away.

Happy Weekend!