Me & my shadow…

I haven’t been a mom of little ones for a very long time but… ole Dexcom is beginning to feel somewhat like a new child.

For the most part, I keep it in the smoky gray skin, shoved in a pocket, as the floppy, black case is kind of annoying. If I’m going to be sitting for awhile reading or watching TV, I set it on the table next to me. I keep leaving it on the table!

Showering, it goes on the bathroom counter and then stays there until I remember to go get it before I leave for work.

Work, I’ll set it on my desk and then get called away for a jammed copier or help with someone’s computer. And there it stays as I wander the offices…

I never, ever lost a child or left one of the boys someplace but – I may just leave the CGMS someplace.

Nights – haven’t been too bad other than the night it kept waking me up to say I was low. Got up, tested, not low, reset the BG. Two hours later, same thing. (I did set the snooze thing so I’ve done better at hearing it at night… Thanks for the advice!)

Continued… August 8th. Really? It’s August already? OMG!

Haven’t lost the DexCom yet but I sure spend a lot of time looking for it. I need more pockets! I think I’ll order one of the brighter colored skins – maybe… that will help me keep track of it…???