Are we there yet?

I am sooooo ready for spring! Are we there yet?

Nope –

I’ve been having massive high bgs for the last couple of days – and a couple of low bgs just to make life interesting. And, they make me feel like I know nothing but, I’m not going to worry about it.

I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it now, and I’ll probably say it again, and maybe even again.

Thanks to those people who write about their own diabetes and/or their kids’ diabetes…

I don’t have guilt for the highs – or – the lows. Sometimes I can pinpoint a high, sometimes I can’t.

The highs might be the result of a steroid thing that I’m using for post nasal drip (ick, not something I ever thought I would have, let alone write about). After 4 days of squirting that stuff into my head, it seems to have solved the problem and I should be able to stop using it soon. The lows – who knows? It just might be the over-correcting I’m doing from the highs and so, I go low.

It’s such a mystery and I’ve decided to just go with the flow. Drink the juice or take the insulin – whatever is required.

KerriSparlingI’m reading Kerri’s book, enjoying it, smiling and feeling like she’s sitting across the table from me just chatting away. I bought an extra copy for a local mom with a “d” daughter. She doesn’t spend a lot of time online – two kids, job, husband, life – keeps her busy. I hope she’ll make time to read Kerri’s thoughts (and those of everyone else who contributed to her book!).

And – tonight’s site change. And this one was just like the Maxwell House Coffee Ad – “Good to the Last Drop.”

2014-03-03 001 (800x449)

2014-03-03 004 (800x449)

Tossing Numbers

I get the best, very best! blogging ideas while I’m in the car. And then promptly lose my whole train of thought once I’m out of the car. I don’t have a smart phone so, can’t dictate it and besides, even though I think it’s a brilliant blog thought, it probably isn’t.

I do remember that I had a jumble of numbers floating in my head as I drove home the other day. I’ve been having more lows – nothing drastic (well, except for one) – at the end of the workday for a couple of weeks. It’s quite annoying as I’m ready to pack it in and head home when Dexcom beeps and says I’m just below 80. The first couple of times, I spoke firmly to that Dexcom and said, “No I’m not!” Only to test and find out – “Yes, I am.” I have a small basket in my office with some regular Pepsi (small cans), a couple of juice boxes and some crackers. So – I resign myself to sitting there and munching/slurping until I feel/test it’s safe for me to drive.

So as I drove home the other afternoon, I tossed numbers around trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I’m still clueless but I’ve decided to fix/change my lunch bolus this week to see if that makes a difference. I eat practically the same thing every day for lunch and so – it’s not like my eating habits have changed. I’m not jogging around the parking lot so my exercise level is about the same as always. Who knows?

The 46 an hour after I got to work on Thursday? Now that one did bother me…

We had to buy more orange juice

I used to drink orange juice like other people drink coffee.

Many (many) years ago, I would get up in the morning, grab the frozen concentrate juice from the freezer, add the 3 cans of water, and mix it up in the blender for my morning wake up. It was all frothy and cold and yummy.

Then I learned to like coffee…

Orange juice became my afternoon treat, summer – winter, whenever. I’d even succumbed to buying it in the cartons but I’d always give it a good shake (hoping the top was closed tightly) so I’d still get some of the frothy. You only need to have a loose cap once – to learn to check it carefully for the rest of your life. Orange juice in your hair and on the kitchen floor is a sticky experience.

Then I was dx’d with Type 1 Lada…

T50_OJNoPulp_59The Tropicana 50% juice is pretty good, when I can find it. (Living in the boonies means small grocery stores with limited products.)
(Photo from: And at 13 carbs for 8 ozs., it’s a pretty good deal!

But it doesn’t froth…

I’m getting to the point of this post, really!

Last week, I had 3 straight nights of low BGs. Pretty low for me. (30’s, 40’s…) Dexcom woke me the first night (and the 2nd and 3rd). I looked at it and said, “Nah, can’t be right.” Sat up, turned on the light. Tested. Then said, “Oh…” Started to stand up and realized I couldn’t – at least not very steadily. So, he who sleeps next to me (and was wide awake now) went to the kitchen and poured a big glass of orange juice. It wasn’t frothy. Waited a bit, tested again, drank a box of grape Juicy Juice. Waited again, and drank another box of grape juice. All the while saying to myself the mantra I’ve learned from years of reading the d-blogs.

Don’t over treat!!!

I didn’t. Yup, three juices did not result in a gargantuan high. Very strange…

And the same thing happened the next two nights.

The only “excuse” I’ve come up with is – I had my pump inset in a brand new spot. Like – a never been touched by an inset spot. Over on my stomach side… AKA – love handle.

Switched it on day three and no more night lows. Hmmm…

So – Orange Juice (the real stuff, not the 50% stuff) went on the grocery list so it can sit in the fridge waiting for me. I’m happy to wait.



The BG Trading Post

As I drove to work this morning, after waking up HIGH at a stupid, dumb, ridiculous HIGH number – I thought one of you smart d-people should/could come up with a way for us to share/trade/borrow/get rid of or add to our Blood Glucose.

So – for instance – this morning I had a HIGH, stupid, dumb, ridiculous number at 5am… Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just send like 100 BG’s to the person who woke up with a scary low? Or even better – send some of them to the d-kid whose parent who is sooooo tired but just tested their d-kid only to find a low number. Sure, I’ll send some BGs right over through the computer. That would have to be easier than opening the damn straw package for the juice box – and then getting the straw into the hole. Sure!

Or – you’re going low, but you have friends to meet at a fun restaurant/bar/party and would like to raise your BG by about 50 before you drive over to have some fun. You promptly sign in to the BG Trading Post and ask if anyone can share 50 BG’s.

Easy, right?

There wouldn’t be any records to keep because when high, you’d happily share with another d-person who’s gone low.

Kids and adults would be encouraged to be a part of the BG Trading Post!

I can’t do it. Science is not my friend. I took Chemistry in high school and – – – had THE smartest girl in the school as my lab partner. She almost flunked because of me. Even worse, when it came time for the final exam, we had to answer three out of five questions. I did it and the teacher (wherever you are Mr. Sutton I still think of you with extreme gratitude) came and pulled me out of the classroom after he graded my paper. He said, “Colleen, as you transferred here during the year, I really believe that’s been unfair since this class was different from your prior Chemistry Class. If I give you a C for the year, will that be okay with you?” I asked, “Did I get anything on my three?” The answer was no…

YES! I took the C.

So – one of you other – smarter Science type d-people will have to tackle this.

Oh! maybe it could be an APP! I don’t have a smart phone but if someone develops an app to do this – I’d buy one.


BG now – 96! Nothing to share but as you know, tomorrow is another day…

I knew I was going to go low…

397099_446173115441869_1988477458_nCreated by Phoebe Garrett and Meredith M. for Type 1 Diabetes Memes.

I knew it was going to happen. We had spaghetti for dinner along with some bread and a salad. I’m tired of measuring out my measly pasta serving so I doubled it – but – I did bolus for it (damn, I hardly ever bolus that much for any meal). Halfway through dinner, I started feeling not so great. Nothing specific, just didn’t feel good. And I didn’t want to eat any more. I should have cut down my basal but I didn’t think of that until this morning…

In any case, at 12:30am, Dexcom screeched and I tested. It wasn’t awful, a 60 something, so I drank the juice (which was on my nightstand), and tried to go back to sleep. Dexcom beeped some more and I kept pushing the button to shut it up. At 1am, I got up, tested again and was still 60 something. So now I’m up and I don’t want juice. So, I ate chocolate covered peanuts (I know – not a good choice). (They’re very, very tasty chocolate covered peanuts…???) Husband was sleeping peacefully and I probably should have alerted him, but I didn’t…

Did the Facebook thing, looked at Twitter, checked blogs but you know, there aren’t many of us posting blogs at 1am… When I attempted to retest, I couldn’t find my handy, dandy lancet. Searched the kitchen, the bathroom, checked the floor near the bed and finally found it in the bed.

It took awhile. I knew not to eat everything in the kitchen. I knew to keep testing. Once the number started its upward trend, I went back to bed.

And yes, I know I should have just snarfed down another juice box.

And yes, next time I’ll put a temporary stop on my basal.

But – the chocolate covered peanuts were yummy.

Woke up at 167. Not great, but not bad…

Travels with the D

We traveled to Kansas City last week to spend Thanksgiving with our two sons. We had a great time. I ate too much. I took a whole lot of insulin. And I got very tired, very quickly, of carting around all of my d stuff. I think my right shoulder has sunk, just a little…

One of the nicest – very nicest – things that happened was meeting up with the KC d people for dinner one night. Barb Campbell, she who has done the d thing and the cancer thing for the last year or so, got some people together for one of the nights we were in town. It was terrific! I’d met Barb, Jess, Bob at our first get together. And this time I met Scott, Lisa and Charli!

Lisa Meyer Burch & her husbandScott Strange – Jon Campbell’s mom & dad – Jon & Barb Campbell – Me! – Bob PedersonCharli GuerinJess Collins

Just two people in this photo were dx’d as children… And four of us are LADA’s. And one of us is T2. (I think I have that right…?)

But, back to the stuff. And even more annoying, the TSA.

When we left on Saturday, TSA in NH wasn’t tooooo bad. Did the pat down but, they had to swab inspect my 3 boxes of juice before letting us through. Oh well.

We had two flights going out to KC and I got off the plane low both times. (That’s a very strange statement but you know what I mean.) Had a glass of lemonade for the first time in seven years, in the Newark airport. Was slurping down a juice box at the rental car counter in KC.

The G4 sensor made it 7 days and then started throwing ???’s at me.  Every time I was ready to just quit and do a new one, it would be okay, so I didn’t. By Monday morning, it was giving up the ghost, we were flying home; so I switched it. There were no, absolutely none, ???’s for the first seven days!

TSA in KC was far too thorough. Since they couldn’t open the juices I was carrying, they decided to hand inspect my carry on bag and my purse. Took some time. They were perplexed by the new Dexcom. They thought they were going to x-ray the receiver. Nooooooooo! I had set it in the bowl as asked, then one TSA person went to take it out. I told him to put it back, it was my medical equipment and he really didn’t want to have to pay for a new one. He put it back.

I do understand (sort of…) why the TSA has to do these things but, it’s still annoying and I’m impressed by those of you who do lots of travel. I think I’d go nuts!

A very nice thought about our trip. I didn’t over-over pack the d-stuff. I knew I could find someone if I needed something!

Thank you to all you KC people who took time from your busy Thanksgiving week to join for a great supper, some laughs (Who’s Tom Brokaw?) – and more laughs, my husband announced that he’s probably a “Type Boring.” Everyone giggled and we had to explain that that name was already taken by Jess’s husband.

Jess & I have PINK Dexcoms!


What to do when low this week…

There’s a ceramic pumpkin full of Halloween candy sitting in our living room. I know it’s there. It doesn’t bother me. We don’t have any children living here, so it’s not like it gets eaten up in a day. I do have a husband who enjoys having a candy bar every now and then. On top of the candy in the ceramic pumpkin are the cut out (by my husband) nutrition labels for every bag that he dumped into the ceramic pumpkin.

I used to be a chocoholic.

Then I got diabetes…

But – for some reason, I’ve been running low every single afternoon when I get home from work this week.

God likes me?

And, while years ago I could and would and did eat several of those itty, bitty candy bars as a snack, I find myself smiling with glee when Dexcom beeps and I get to eat just one of those itty, bitty candy bars. Choosing just one is not easy but surprise! – there are itty, bitty Twix bars in the ceramic pumpkin. OMG, I haven’t had a Twix bar in years and years.

It was 11 carbs and yummy!

And nope, we don’t have to worry about not having any candy for trick or treaters next week. There will be none. We’re in the boonies.

So it’s ours, all ours…

You want to go where? Why?

While in Virginia a couple of weeks ago, one of the hotels we stayed at was right down the street from a Target. I told M we had to go there so I could see if the “Target LOW” would happen to me. He thought I was nuts but that’s not that unusual…

I was introduced to Target many years ago when visiting my sister in Apple Valley, near Minneapolis. She taught me the correct pronunciation and told me to never wear a red shirt when shopping at Target. (“Tarjay” – and the staff wears red shirts.) So, I was all set when Target showed up in the KC area, and it was nice. But, I didn’t have T1 Diabetes then.

Now, up here in the boonies, the closest Target is 45 minutes south of us via the interstate. I don’t get there much.

But – here one was, right down the street. So we went to Target.

We wandered around happily for 30 minutes or so and yup, Dexcom beeped, I tested, and my bg was low. The husband was awed that I could predict this happening. I told him everyone in the DOC goes low at Target.

I’d like to think – hmmm, we could all just go to Target instead of taking Insulin. But when I go to Target, it’s not cheap, so maybe just Pinging my insulin is a cheaper idea.

Just think… What if I didn’t read d-blogs? That low in Target might have been a complete surprise!

Thank you d-bloggers.

Congratulations to everyone who rode for JDRF today in Death Valley!
Thanks also to everyone who contributed to their rides.
My dream is the same – Find a cure for this disease!


29 – I don’t think so…

Went back to my normal low carb lunch on Friday and on Friday evening, before dinner, while sitting and chatting, Dexcom did the buzz, buzz, beep, beep thing. I don’t even remember what it said but, I tested. The meter said 29.

I just knew it was wrong (I really, really hoped it was wrong) but OMG, I’ve never seen anything that low on my meter. Husband said, “Where’s the glucagon?” (He knows where it is.) I think the fear of him having to use it (and the fact that I knew (dearly hoped) it was wrong)… helped. Tested again immediately and meter said… 60.

What if that had been my last test strip?
What if I didn’t have a Dexcom?
What if I was a child?
What if I didn’t know to test again? (Thank you, DOC!)
What if it had really been 29?

And no, I didn’t take any photos.




I forgot it…

I left my meter at home when we went to church Saturday night. Not a big deal, usually, as we live very close but…

Dexcom started beeping halfway through and said I was low (50 something). I opened my purse and silently cursed (very silently as I was in church…) when I realized I’d left the meter at home. I didn’t feel low but… It was also a new sensor, but… I thought I’d swallow a couple of Skittles, just in case. Well, damn. They weren’t in my purse either. They were on the kitchen counter, next to the meter.

Left the church – went to my car – got a very warm juice box (ick) and drank it. Then I went back into church.

When I got home, BG was 213. Guess Dexcom was wrong…

Tonight I will put another juice box in my car. I will put a package of Skittles in my purse and one in the car.

And hopefully, I’ll remember my meter in the morning.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll buy another mini OneTouch to keep in my office (I work at the church).

And yes, I know I should have some glucose tabs. I’ve bought them and never used them and then they expire. Maybe I’ll add that to my list of things I should really do…