Rain, rain go away

If I was in a d-funk, today would have been awful, awful, awful.

I’m not in a d-funk but I am pretty ticked off with my Dexcom. Last week’s sensor wasn’t so great so I took it off on the seventh day.

The newest one is almost, maybe even more so, as annoying. My morning tune that stayed stuck in my head was “Tossing and Turning.”

And I owe it all to my Dexcom. At 2am it said, “Beep, beep, buzz buzz. You are at 55.” Not! One hour later, it did the same bbbb and said I was at 230. Nope.

What I was though, in the morning when I woke up, was very, very tired. I decided that was it – 4 days of this was enough and I was going to change it. (I hate inserting a new one – really, really hate.) Tested in the kitchen first thing and darn it, the meter and the Dexcom were in PERFECT agreement. I didn’t change it and today has been much better.

But it’s still raining. And it’s cold. And it’s supposed to snow.

And I’m whining here but you need to know that while I was feeling sorry for myself in the early hours of this day, I honestly did think about the parents who are up each night checking their d-children. If I had a child with diabetes, I would be up during the night to check also. (I’d be younger, too…)