Symlin, Yes or No?

I tried it. The low, low dose (15) did nothing. But there was no nausea or other problems.
Went to 30 and I could see a difference in my numbers, when I used it, but that wasn’t too often. And I didn’t experience the nausea, still (which is a plus).
We went on vacation and I brought the Symlin with me. I never used it. I was already doing far too much guesstimating on carbs and I worried that I’d have a problem.

To be honest… I’m not sure I need it.

  • One of the uses for Symlin is that you’ll use less insulin. I don’t use much on a daily basis.
  • A “non-use” is Symlin will help you lose weight (because it makes you feel fuller and so, you eat less). I don’t eat that much. I’m okay with my weight.
  • Symlin is supposed to help you avoid the “spikes.” I didn’t use it enough to see that.
  • You’re supposed to eat at least 30 carbs at a meal when you use Symlin. I don’t do that except at dinner, usually…

I’ve got an unused Symlin pen in the fridge so maybe I’ll try it again to see how it goes.

I thank George, Scott and Hannah for taking the time to share their advice.

The other thing… Symlin is not cheap. I’m in my early (very early!) 60’s and I have to think about how we will pay for it when I stop working and… not on a group insurance plan. I am pretty sure Medicare won’t cover it. At this time Medicare doesn’t cover a CGMS, and I love my Dexcom. If I have to make a choice, I will choose the Dexcom.

No BFS here…

BFS = Black Friday Shopping

We enjoyed a quiet, peaceful day here in the boonies. I don’t do shopping on Black Friday. I barely do any shopping. Even when we lived in the booming suburb of Overland Park, Kansas where there’s shopping everywhere, I didn’t like to shop. Nearest mall here is an hour away. Although… there’s an outlet mall about 30 minutes away where Briley was today.

I remember saying something to my mom when I was about 10, asking her why she didn’t get a new coat every year like my sister and me. (Well, I did – my sister usually got my old coat.) Mom said that she liked her coat and saw no reason to get a new one.

I get more like my mother every year… I really liked my mom, so it’s good! (I loved her dearly but I really liked her, too. She was fun to hang out with, watch old movies with, share a bottle wine with…)

Good friends who don’t live anywhere near here, usually nag me to shop when I visit. Having a friend go shopping with you makes it all much simpler. I despise trying on clothes but – with a friend along, they’ll go fetch the other size or other color, so it’s not so bad.

And it’s not just clothes. We’re going to be doing some major updating here at the house and I am NOT excited about choosing carpet or decking.

Two weeks ago our washing machine got very sick (water, water, everywhere). I thought we were going to have to buy a new one. It’s old, so is the dryer, and so I started looking online – yuck, I don’t want to do this. Thankfully, the washer could be repaired and I was spared the agony of selecting something new.

I know – this has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes. Well, except for mentioning Briley…

Too bad… It’s Saturday… It’s the end of NaBloPoMo – almost!!!

But – coming next week… Why I will or will not continue using Symlin.

Listening to Dexcom

Using a CGMS, in my case, Dexcom, has become a love/hate relationship.

I don’t mind carrying an extra piece of d-stuff. Although, it’s amazing how many times I leave it sitting in one room when I go to another room. That’s not a huge problem as our home isn’t that big, really. Work? That’s a whole different scenario.

I did some shopping last week (yippee for a trip to the endo and the mall) and wanted to find some new pants. My criteria, other than fit – I want pockets!

When DD (darn Dexcom) is right, it’s almost as exciting as seeing that elusive “104” on a meter. When DD is wrong, well, it’s really quite annoying, especially in the middle of the night. I keep thinking of the old tale, “The boy who cried wolf.”  The other night, around 3am, it tried to tell me I was 39. I don’t think so – tested and was 164. I worry that I’ll get complacent and ignore it. I did get up and test but – it was very tempting to just shove it under the bed.

A few nights ago we were driving to a function in another town, about 30 minutes away. I was driving, Dexcom buzzed, husband checked it (it was in my purse) and it said I was below 80. I knew it was wrong but – pulled over when we could and did a meter check. Yup, you guessed it, Dexcom was right. So we switched drivers, I ate some Skittles (really don’t like Skittles) and we had a great time at the party.

Symlin update – not much to report. I’ve used it twice. No nausea. BUT – no lower bg’s either. In fact, they were very, very high. (How annoying!) I’ve contacted the endo’s office and will see what she advises. I want it to work but… I’m not convinced that it’s going to work for me.

Meanwhile – this ad cracks me up. (It doesn’t take much…) (Remember, I’m older than most of you…)

Good thing I had a coupon…

Picked up the Symlin this morning. The CDE had given me a “coupon” for a free starter box of 2 pens.

I knew it was expensive. I’ve also checked to see if it’s covered by my insurance. (It is.)

Today, it was free. Which is a good thing because if I don’t like it, I won’t feel guilty about not using it.

I won’t be using it 3 times a day which makes me wonder if it will take me longer to adjust to it. I really doubt that I’ll use it even every day. My ARNP/CDE uses it just every now and then when she’s having a really larger meal or dessert. She doesn’t think I’ll be going to the full “dose” anytime soon.

According to the directions, you must eat at least 30 carbs and 250 calories when injecting Symlin. My normal breakfast is under 20 carbs. A lunch at home is under 40 (yup, most days I come home for lunch and fix a sandwich). I haven’t been counting calories – another thing to add to my list…

Thank you Scott and George for your comments! Thanks Reyna for the encouragement.

So, this weekend will be the big experiment. I would still like to hear from someone who is using Symlin??

Thinking about Symlin…

One of the things discussed at my appointment last Friday was Symlin.

We both noticed that I definitely have some big spikes (today would have been a fabulous example – how can you bolus, eat yogurt and end up at 215 an hour later???) (was down awhile later…).  She spotted my pancakes on the printout within seconds. I’ve had pancakes 3 times in the last six years. They’re yummy. I love eating them but the rest of the day pretty much sucks, so I don’t have pancakes.

So we talked about Symlin. Not to take on a regular basis, just at those times when wanted/needed.

I spent my weekend reading – several DOC’ers have written about it and all of it is interesting. It makes sense, along with being slightly frightening. It is another HUGE learning curve for me.

It – Symlin – is in a pen now so no syringes/vials, which is good because, I’ve never, ever used a syringe.

It is expensive. Luckily, it’s covered by my insurance, at the highest co-pay, but covered.

I don’t “low-carb” intentionally but, other than dinner, anything else is not “high-carb.”

Any advice, hints, whatever will be very appreciated.

Our local drugstore had to order the Symlin. It got there today and I will pick it up tomorrow.

I really, really would like to hear from anyone who is using it or has used it. Please??