Being Pregnant

Hoping my husband doesn’t look over my shoulder and have heart failure…

NO, I’m not, but…

Reading the d-blogs, and I read a lot of them, teaches me something new each day. I read lots of them. I read the Type 1s, I read the Type 2s, I read the d-Mom & d-Dad blogs (wasn’t Scott cute (hot!) yesterday on Katie Couric’s show?). I also love reading our pregnant Type 1 blogs.

As I read Kim’s (Texting My Pancreas) yesterday, I thought, well gee, we should all take care of ourselves, the same way the soon to be moms do, each day (and night). Keeping a closer eye on our numbers, our diets, our exercise. Staying up to date with our endo appts., the lab work. Keeping our prescriptions ordered so we’re not doing a last minute pick up of strips or insulin. (oops, I have a couple to drop off tomorrow at the drug store…)

One thing I should do more consistently is test when I’m at work. Mornings are still my worst up and down bg time. Maybe if I tested and then looked at a couple of days’ worth of tests, I’d have a better idea of how to solve the ups and downs. But, I get busy and forget. I’ll bet if I was pregnant, I wouldn’t forget. (Actually, just writing that just about gives me heart failure – oh well.)

So, I’m going to try to work at testing more often and taking a little bit more time for myself and my diabetes.

Because, it’s good to take care of ourselves. Even when/if we’re not pregnant.

PS – I met another LADA yesterday. She lives here! She’s younger than me (of course) but I’m looking forward to seeing her again.