Road Trip!

Next week we’ll be driving all the way to Nags Head, North Carolina.

Beach, sun, sand and I’ll bet there are things blooming! No jackets! No fleece!

We’re not going to push ourselves. We used to do that with two kids and while we survived it – we’re not doing 12+ hours in the car, in one day, now that it’s just the two of us.

Biggest issue – thing(s) I have to remember – extra baggage, is of course the d-supplies.

2014-04-22 002Last year I bought – on sale! (no surprise…) – a small back pack just for lugging the d-stuff around. It’s great because, I tend not to lose it (well, not yet) or forget it (again, not yet) due to its bright, somewhat annoying colors.

It was especially handy on a flight where I’d packed it in my carry-on bag – and – they were taking the carry-on bags when we got on the plane. I just removed my pink d-bag and let the bigger bag go to the luggage place or whatever/wherever in the plane.

I put everything in it – all d-supplies – all baggies w/ juice boxes – all d-everything.

It’s great when we’re “on the road,” also. Stays in the back seat (no kids, remember?), is the first thing taken into the hotel/motel – friend’s house. I’m not searching through make up, or toothpaste looking for a pump inset/cartridge. It’s proved to be a great purchase and worth every bit of the 5 or so dollars I spent on it.

Onward! To the NJ Turnpike – the road we all love to hate.


Travels with D

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to California where we visited the Redwoods (they really are as impressive as people say), Monterey (a beautiful wedding and a chance to see old friends), Sonoma (all those fields and fields of grapevines), and finally San Francisco, where there was lots to do and see, including meeting two of my d-pals, Landi & Debra. It was sunny and beautiful and warm.

2013-04Landi in person is even nicer (and funnier!) than her comments have been the last several years. I “met” her when I first started blogging and when I joined TuDiabetes. Debra, who had the unfortunate experience of DKA and ICU for her diagnosis as an adult, is even nicer than she seems/sounds like/looks like online. We talked our way to the restaurant, we talked while waiting, we talked while eating. Just a normal d-meetup and I loved it! Thank you both for driving in just to meet me. It meant a whole lot…

Sometime this past year, I purchased a pink, paisley child’s backpack just to hold the d-stuff when traveling. Turned out to be a great idea! Sensors (three, just in case), reservoirs and insets (five, just in case), insulin (one and a partial, just in case), insulin pens (one levemir, one novolog, just in case), needles for the insulin pens (forgot those on the last trip, thank goodness I didn’t need them), test strips (lots), iv prep, alcohol swabs, big bottle of glucose tablets and finally the always nice to have extra meter; you know – for just in case.

Both flights were full (yuck) and the airline was begging us to check our carry ons at the gate. And we did, because all I had to do was take out the pink bag to keep with us and the bags went off to wherever bags go. We had a larger bag we had checked and so that made having to retrieve luggage not a big deal.

TSA – I owe Kerri a huge thank you for making my return trip so easy peasy. Boston on the way out was somewhat whiny, not happy that I wanted the pat down. Tried to talk me out of it. San Francisco? I think they must have published this post from Kerri as I was astounded at the friendly and quick inspection. The pat down was completed before my other stuff came through the x-rays. My female inspector was a nice lady but she did say, “We will have to send your iPod through x-ray.” I laughed and told her it, my Dexcom receiver, was another of my diabetes devices and pushed a few buttons to show her the screen. She was surprised, said she’d never seen one and thanked me for showing her how it worked. It was in my Tallygear case so I think that fooled her.

Lugging around the d-stuff wasn’t fun but I did it.

Guessing at carb counts at restaurants for 10 days (see Scott’s post from today)? Even a 9 carb yogurt in the morning sent me soaring… I sucked and have the BG’s to prove it. I see my endo next Friday. She may gasp. I’ve probably ruined my A1c but you know what, that’s okay. The next one will be better.

So we’re home. And this was our weather today. Oh well.

2013-04-12 003 (600x800)

Goin’ to California!

We’ll be in Monterey, California next month for a wedding!

And – after traveling that far, we’re certainly going to take some time to explore.

We’ll be in San Francisco for an extra 3 days and I’m looking for tourist advice. We’ve been once before and hope to spend some time visiting museums this trip.

We also plan to head north from San Francisco for a couple of days to see whatever there is to see. We both want to see the Redwoods… We like “meandering” down back roads and finding a non-tourist restaurant. We’re okay with stopping at oddball places. (As a family, we have great memories of stopping at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota!)

Back before computers and Google and travel websites, we would order a triptik from AAA to plan our trips. We did pretty good with those, way back then…

2013-03-03triptiksWell – they still have them. Look what I found!

Sarah M has promised to come up with some ideas for us – including cupcakes!

My last trip to San Francisco involved lots of walking around and lot of lows. But, a stop for a goodie and I was ready to walk some more! And yes, I carried around the purse from hell with all sorts of d-stuff stashed in there. In fact, the purse I brought with me wasn’t doing the job so we stopped so I could buy a new one – which I love!

So – if the California readers of this have suggestions, I’d really, really like to hear about them.

I should have… but didn’t… I will now…

I’ve been reading d-blogs for – omg – a really long time –

And so, what I did the other night shouldn’t have been done but I did it.

On my birthday last week, we were getting ready to cook some chicken on the grill for my b’day dinner (I’m not a very expensive date), when the phone rang and since it was someone I knew, I answered it.

A friend, who is also a Catholic nun, was calling from the ER of a hospital about an hour from us. (She recently retired, she’s 77, and we had helped her move just the week before.)

Anyway, she’d fallen in a parking lot, and got an ambulance ride to the hospital.

So, at 6pm, we got on the interstate and drove to the hospital, an hour away. I do keep Skittles in the car and we grabbed a juice box to take with us.

But – yeah, you knew there had to be a “but.”

I forgot that I needed to change my pump inset and was running low on insulin. I had planned to get that done before dinner…

We thought (we don’t have a whole lot of ER experience) that we’d just have to pick up
Sr. H. – go get her car – and take her home. And then, we’d just go out to eat somewhere on the way home. Didn’t happen. Which is probably just as well as the pump was “running on empty.”

We got home at 11:30, I changed the inset and put in some new insulin. Had some cheese and crackers and hit the bed. I am not normally awake at 11:30pm. To add to the fun, the new Dexcom sensor that I’d inserted that morning kept trying to tell me I was very, very low – like, 39, on the way home (I wasn’t driving). It was wrong and suffered a sensor failure the next morning.

NOT knowing how long we’d be gone, and traveling an hour from home, I should have had insulin, an extra inset, an extra cartridge with me. I didn’t.

It really irks me as the week before, I received a wonderful gift/prize from Molly at Damn Diabetes.

Molly noted that she uses this size bag for weekend travels as it holds so, so much stuff. But I hadn’t loaded it up with said d-stuff, and didn’t even think about taking d-stuff with me that night.

Today – I am a reformed d-person.

I traveled to Concord today for a much nicer reason – a manicure and a pedicure – and I packed the bag. And I’m determined to keep it packed and… updating the “stuff” as needed but having it “almost” ready to go when I leave our small town. I even put a couple of syringes in there. I’ve never used a syringe! (Just pens and my Ping Pump)

And Sr. H.? She has a face of many colors and a broken nose but is doing okay. We met for lunch today and she’s going to be okay.