Postcard Month

So, tomorrow is WDD. World Diabetes Day. November 14th. The birthdate of Dr. Frederick Banting in 1891.

I can’t imagine the ability to discover insulin. I’m always awed by those who have made the amazing medical discoveries that keep us all alive.

My grandfather died of pneumonia – before there was penicillin.

Just think – without insulin, most of us d-people wouldn’t be around.

And so tomorrow, I will think of the Doctors Banting and Best. And be grateful they were stubborn men who didn’t give up.

In recognition, I sent out some postcards. Lee Ann is always encouraging us to be artsy. I don’t have a creative bone in my body but – I still had fun.

So I mailed my postcards (truth – I didn’t – my husband mailed them for me) on Tuesday. And because they come out of my computer (magic!) (there are no crayons, no colored pencils, no markers in this house…) (I felt very fortunate that my printer didn’t run out of ink as the nearest place to get ink is 40 minutes down the interstate), I even sent out a few extras. I only knew one name on the list – WHAT?! – I don’t know everyone???  Hi Sue! (Go visit her blog!)

I also now have a new friend on FB. Hi Helen in Montana!

I did a Diabetes Word Search!



Not much

The d-life here goes on. And on. And on. Oh wait, is that a copyright problem? Somehow, I doubt that they know who I am…

Endo this past week. A1c up a little, but considering all the yummy corn on the cob I’ve eaten since July, I’m not too worried. It was an absolutely gorgeous day to drive down to Manchester. Sun was shining! Lots of leaf color. Not many tourists on I93. I had the car with Sirius so I could sing out loud with the 60’s, 70’s and even some blues and jazz. I’m sure I looked funny but at my age, I don’t worry about it. The endo and I ended up with all sorts of stuff to look at and I think I blew out her schedule. I did feel a little bad as there was a cute elder woman in a wheel chair in the waiting room who was a little upset that she hadn’t gotten in yet. I told her it was my fault after admiring the purple horn on her wheel chair.

I was looking forward to getting together with a d-mom, Shannon but – her son had his appointment at Joslin that day. So we’ll have to plan on another day to meet.

This is our last “tourist” weekend up here in the mountains of New Hampshire. The busses have been rolling through town. It’s fascinating to watch them make the tight turns on our small streets. Sad this week – the campgrounds up in the mountains, although privately owned, have had to close. I don’t do politics here but… campgrounds closing and everyone who isn’t getting paid really, really pisses me off. That’s all I’m going to say. (I don’t like writing the plural form of bus. It looks funny.)

The last fair of the year is this weekend. We’re not going. It’s the Sandwich Fair and it’s wonderful. But there’s a whole lot of fried dough, and blooming onions and salty French fries, and other carby foods. It’s easier to stay home. Besides, been there – done that.

I worked on my postcard for Lee Ann’s World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange this afternoon. (It was more creative than cleaning a bathroom…) It was drizzly and chilly and yucky and so, I pretended to be artsy. It’s done! Are you signed up? It’s fun. You meet new d-friends. You don’t have to spend lots of money. And who doesn’t like getting something in the mail that makes you smile? Check it out!

Just because – some photos!

2013-10-02 016My “commute”

2013-10-02 017 2013-10-04 003October Sunrise

2013-10-06 001 (2)The acorns can be quite annoying and you can’t sit on the deck without a helmet.

2013-10-07 003The view…

2013-10-09 014A bus

2013-10-09 017