Thank you Steven of Dexcom & Pam of FedEx!

Thank you Steven at Dexcom for doing what you said you would do. Sensors arrived this morning and it’s been a great day.

Yesterday – G4 arrived but no sensors…

Today – the sensors arrived!

Thank you Pam at FedEx. When she delivered the Dexcom box yesterday, I told her that I hoped there would be another one today. I have all my stuff delivered to my office but I don’t work on Fridays. She said, no problem, I’ll bring it out to your house. She phoned this morning to see where I was and arrived at the house with the sensors.

I’m not as good…

First sensor was a failure, a bloody failure. I think I’ve only had one bleed before this. Oh well. And yes, I’ll call to see if they’ll replace it but not until next week.
I am giving myself credit for charging it this morning before the sensors even showed up!

It’s only been one afternoon and Dexcom has been almost perfect. Alerted a low at 78, meter said 88 but I’m happy!

And yes, it’s pink. The second photo, it looks red. I think that would be a nice color to have also. Hmmm, maybe someone will come up with sticker thingies so we can decorate the Dex!

And yes, I know, I need to peel off the plastic. I will, soon, maybe.
And no, my graph hardly ever looks this good.

And finally… I got my first WDD postcard today.
It came from Alecia in NYC.