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Wordless Wednesday? I Can Do This!

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Once a Month?

I’m not a professional blogger – well, that’s fairly obvious… I’m not going to blog every day and for that, I’m sure you’re grateful. Back when I started blogging I’d do the November blog every day thing and usually regret … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

I am sooooo ready for spring! Are we there yet? Nope – I’ve been having massive high bgs for the last couple of days – and a couple of low bgs just to make life interesting. And, they make me … Continue reading

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Time for a new pump

Some back story first. My Ping is being a pain at times – nah, not the insert part. It’s the communication part. It’s not its fault. (wow – weird using it’s and its in one sentence). Ok, back to the … Continue reading

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pride goeth before fall (uh – failure)

You might have seen my gleeful post on FB this morning about inserting the Dexcom on my arm all by myself. I was soooo excited. Really! Two hours later – it did the hourglass thing. A few minutes later it … Continue reading

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Doing what we gotta do…

Going to the dentist is one of those things that we “gotta do.” As my dentist said today, he really has never heard anyone say, “Oh boy, I have a dentist appointment.” And we all know that I have never, … Continue reading

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Breakfast Out

I can’t eat out for breakfast. I know this. I did it anyway this morning. Someone else cooked it. Someone else cleaned it up. It was delicious! It was carby! I took a ton of insulin (not enough…). I continued to … Continue reading

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I quit

So, I quit smoking – three months ago. I’m quite pleased with myself. I’m quite annoyed with myself. Pleased because I finally did it. Annoyed because I didn’t do it a long time ago when I should have. Back when … Continue reading

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Postcard Month

So, tomorrow is WDD. World Diabetes Day. November 14th. The birthdate of Dr. Frederick Banting in 1891. I can’t imagine the ability to discover insulin. I’m always awed by those who have made the amazing medical discoveries that keep us … Continue reading

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Tossing Numbers

I get the best, very best! blogging ideas while I’m in the car. And then promptly lose my whole train of thought once I’m out of the car. I don’t have a smart phone so, can’t dictate it and besides, … Continue reading

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